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We have training, equipment and supplies to sustain ourselves and our canines for 24 hours of operation.
Our teams are certified by nationally recognized third parties; see our team pages for current certifications.




Trailing: Trailing teams use a scent article and last known point to follow the subject's route to their current location.  They can distinguish their subject's trail among other in the same location.  They work in wilderness, rural, suburban and urban environments.  Trails can be several hours or even days old.

Human Remains Detection:  These dogs are trained to detect and indicate the presence of chemicals produced when human tissue decomposes.  These dogs are able to detect small quantities of odor, in wilderness, rural, suburban, urban, and interior environments.

Area Search: These teams locate any live human within a given area.  They work quickly, locating air-born human scent and following it to the source.  They then bark to attract their handler, or return to guide the handler to the lost subject.  These dogs can search a large area or one with difficult terrain much more efficiently and effectively than a large team of ground searchers.

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